● High quality parts
● Available for all BORUIDA machines
● Universally suitable heavy couplers or anchoring type
● We provide quick spare part deliveries to minimize machine’s downtime.Fast delivery directly from stock
● Our own manufacturing guarantees fast deliveries for mechanical parts which are not in the stock
● We offer wide range of additional components which you can utilize in your machine flexible in different kind of projects. We have wide range of anchoring solution, landing gates and doors for hoists.

Application Engineering

Our qualified technicians will make sure your BORUIDA's climbers run efficiently.

Your jobsite is shutdown due to a mechanical problem or you need assistance getting the most out of your equipment? Whether for construction hoists, transport platforms , mast climbing platforms, industrial hoists, service lifts or suspended platforms, BORUIDA's technical support team is available to guide you through troubleshooting and maintenance procedures.


BORUIDA provides customers with comprehensive product training programs for people who work with, install, use or maintain the BORUIDA products.

Every training program is designed to take customer employees from being novices to experts within the respective training areas including safety aspects, general maintenance and basic understanding of applicable local regulations.