Greatly increased the demand for construction hoists

As China's economic development, especially in recent years the situation of China's infrastructure projects in full swing, the demand for construction is a huge hoist. China construction hoists the world's production account for only about 21%. Huge demand coupled with lack of domestic production led to influx of foreign construction giants come to China to hoist plant, and the recent dynamics of domestic enterprises and engineering machinery industry indicates that more and more companies starting to focus on construction hoist this business.

Construction hoists on the enterprise's logistics system play very important role, are the main force in the material handling equipment. Widely used in railway stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses and other economic sectors and mechanical handling, stacking and short-distance transport of efficient equipment. Self-propelled construction hoists appeared in 1917. During World War II, the construction elevator to develop. China from the early 1950s, making the construction hoists. In particular, as China's rapid economic development, most enterprises have been out of the original material handling manual handling, replaced by mechanized construction hoists-based transport. Thus, in the past few years, China construction hoists market demand double-digit annual growth.

Recently, the construction industry, businesses are more active in the hoists, which make everyone's attention usually inadvertently relatively little attention to this industry shift. In fact, all kinds of products in construction machinery, construction hoists in China in various fields after the use of the wide range of loaders, lift as the logistics of construction machinery, and macro-economic trends are closely related, it has jumped out of the scope to adapt the construction this category, which applie to all economic sectors, which are the degree of concern for construction machinery industry, as other reasons for the high sub-sectors.